T-minus one week!

So my program starts in one week!  I’m currently experiencing a really fun mixture of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and surprise.  I’m antsy as hell to get things truly underway and see what I can do with guided instruction and a direction.

I’ve felt a real source of pride making basic things on my own and can’t wait to see the scope of my projects increase exponentially. I’m nervous that I’ll feel overwhelmed by the pace of the course or embarrassed by my limited knowledge going in compared to everyone else.  It’s probably a silly fear to have, because I shouldn’t care where other people are in the class.  I’m going to learn and to improve myself and obtain skills that I didn’t have prior.   It’s fruitless and probably detrimental to be comparing myself to others, so that’s something I’m going to have to remind myself of throughout the program.

I’m a bit surprised because it seems like things really came together in a hurry.  In a matter of a few months, I quit my accounting job, moved back to New York, and am preparing for this course to start.  It’s crazy that it all came together and it’s really happening in a week! 13 weeks from now, I’ll be graduating from a computer programming bootcamp and looking for jobs doing something so completely different from my last two professions.  That excites and terrifies me simultaneously!

I’ve still got lots of pre work for GA that I have to complete.  I talk a bit about it in my YouTube video here.  (I’ve been keeping a video series about my progress at well, it sort of parallels this blog.)  The pre work, from what I’ve gathered at least, will be an introduction to the command line, Github, and using JavaScript.  It should be fun!

Stay tuned for updates as I progress through the pre work and get started in the actual bootcamp!  Until next time…



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