New mac! Pre work! And future video updates?

I figured after the last post, this one will be pretty anti-climactic regardless of what I put… So why even bother right?!

Well I’ll give it a try anyway. I don’t have too much new material to share in terms of what I’ve been learning. Just been continuing to plug away at the pre-coursework. Gaining more exposure to the command line, Javascript, and Github. Continuing to learn these has been fun and I’m starting to feel like I’m making some real progress in terms of having valuable skills. I realize I’m VERY far behind anything that would be hire-able, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a bit proud of the progress I’ve made so far!

A cool update: I got a new Mac! I’m SUPER excited about this. I’ve never really used a Mac before, so some time has been spent learning how to navigate it and customize things so it feels more like MY mac. And by “never really used a mac before,” what I actually mean is “I’ve actively avoided using Macs.” I just never wanted to bother re-learning hot keys, not using Microsoft Office, etc. There’s definitely a learning curve just getting used to things that really were like second nature to me. This damn Command key is a tricky mistress….

One notable idea I’ve been kicking around is the idea of a video blog in addition to this. Something on YouTube that I’d update once a week with a short video on my progress: what I’ve learned, how I’ve applied it, projects I’m working on, what General Assembly is like so far, etc.

My main thought process here is that I know it’s something I was looking for when I was looking to sign up for boot camps initially. I didn’t find many blog posts or anything that gave peoples’ insight throughout the process of General Assembly. Most of what I found was a lot of after the fact type stuff, testimonials vouching for the program after students had graduated (and presumably found a job.) I think a more holistic view of the process could be really helpful to some people looking to take the plunge themselves.

I’d like to give people something where they can get information from someone involved throughout the whole process. The beginning stages are already documented here. If I end up succeeding, there will hopefully be some sort of blueprint for what I did and what that picture looks like. As it stands currently, I have no idea what “success” would look like for me, so it’ll be interesting to see that play out. If things don’t go well, well I think that could be good for people to see as well. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see the other side of things. In theory, people could learn from my mistakes or pick different plans of action.

Who knows though. Maybe I’m romanticizing the idea a bit in my head and this is just a narcissistic ploy to watch myself talk online whenever I want. But my main motivation is to provide some helpful info for someone who is going through the same thought process I went through a few months back. I was fortunate to have a few friends who did something similar, so I had first hand resources. I realize not everyone will have that. I’ve always enjoyed teaching others and helping others figure things out, so if even one programming hopeful finds usefulness in my blog or the video series I plan on doing, I’ll consider it a success!

Here’s to 2016! Until next time!


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