Big announcement!

So I’ll get right to it!  If you clicked you’re probably curious what these big plans are and why I’m leaving Denver.  Here goes!


After messing around on my own the past few weeks and having a good time with it all, I want to take the next step and take my education further.  I’ve had a blast learning on my own and I think I’ve made some good progress so far, but I think I’ll really thrive in a more structured learning environment with a set curriculum.

That said, the big announcement is this: I’m going to be leaving Denver at the end of January and taking my talents back to the Big Apple to attend an immersive Web-Development course with General Assembly.  It’s definitely a bittersweet thing to announce.  I’ve really loved my time in Denver and will miss the mountains, the new and old friends alike, and of course the Frisbee.  But I’m at a time in my life where I have the opportunity to make this work and I feel like I need to pounce on it.


All the logistics aren’t 100% final, but it’s looking like the day I turn 29 (today!) is also the day I announce I’m going to move back in with my parents for the first time in 11+ years.  It’ll be an adjustment for sure, but I am truly thankful to have parents that couldn’t be more supportive of this decision and are more than willing to help me through this transition.  I’d also highly appreciate anyone willing to let me crash in their NYC apartment occasionally so I don’t have to trek all the way back to Long Island every night!


In terms of cool projects and updates to share with regard to programming, I sadly don’t have much to show.  The majority of my free time has been spent doing intro work for the course, which isn’t all that enthralling or worth sharing.  I’ve been getting familiar with some VERY basic Ruby on Rails and a bit more Javascript as part of the process.   There’s been some fun practice exercises to put myself in a computer mindset: Predicting what outcome the computer will produce, writing very basic functions, etc.  It’s been cool and I really look forward to advancing these skills.


Here’s a little PSA J  It’s the one logistic piece that I’m struggling a bit with.  The course I’ll be taking requires a Mac, which I’ve never used and of course don’t have.   It’s a cost I’d love to not take on at this time, since the course itself is extremely expensive to begin with.  So if anyone has an extra Mac laptop they wouldn’t mind loaning me for a couple months, I’d love you forever and promise to have my mom bake you lots of cookies.  And maybe I’ll owe you a drink or two at some point in the near future!


So that’s it!  I’ve got a lot of pre-work to finish up on before the course starts February 16th.  Everyone I’ve told has been extremely supportive and excited for me and I really can’t thank people enough for that.  I’ll continue to update and I hope the content gets a bit more intriguing to share.


That’s all for now, until next time!



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  1. This is great. Watch how you progress over the next few months, and keep track of it. These kinds of stories are the types of things that other hopefuls on Reddit love to hear.

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