So about a year and a half ago, I figured I’d give this programming thing a shot. I started then with HTML/CSS stuff on a few recommendations. I focused solely on using Codecademy’s HTML/CSS for beginners course. I remember actually really enjoying what I was doing. There was something neat about writing a bunch of seemingly random greater-than and less-than signs and getting something that sort of resembles a web page. The thing that really grabbed me was the idea of italicizing or bolding stuff. For instance, say someone was creating a blog post, and they wanted a word or phrase to be bold. They just hit CTRL+B and type their word(s), hit CTRL+B again when they’re done, and boom! They’ve got a bolded word.

I used to think nothing of that. Now, having created some VERY basic webpages by handwriting the HTML myself, it really intrigues me what’s happening “behind the scenes” when we click CTRL+B. I don’t know for sure due to my limited experience, but I imagine the initial clicking of CTRL+B opens up the a bold tag, <b>, and then you type whatever and when you click CTRL+B again, it creates an HTML version of the closing tag, </b>. If that explanation is wrong or confusing, sorry! That’s my (un)educated guess at how blogs and interfaces where users input their own info but don’t know anything about HTML. I clearly don’t know much myself, other than just producing basic results like making some paragraphs, making some ordered tables, changing the font size, etc. I’m looking forward to getting more familiar not only with the properties of HTML, but also how things like WordPress take user-input and convert it to HTML for the computer to make sense of.

Anyway, back to what I’m learning and doing. I watched the first two lessons over at Microsoft’s Virtual Academy. The first two sessions are essentially a whirlwind of copying the actions of the teacher and basically seeing what applying HTML tags do to a body of text. They were a really cool way to get a blast info session of what HTML and CSS can do to make an otherwise bland sea of text into an aesthetically pleasing website. I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of those videos shortly.


I’ve also gone back to Codecademy to finish up their basics course. I remember getting pretty far, but not actually finishing the course. I was curious how far I got through last time:


Dammit, Sean… Why would I get 96% through and stop?  Beats the hell out of me.  I tried to go in and just finish the last 4%, but much to my dismay, I couldn’t remember enough of what I needed to get through it. After 20 unsuccessful minutes and a bunch of Google searches, I scrapped the idea of finishing and figured I’d probably benefit more from starting from scratch anyway.

So that’s where I currently am:  Going through Codecademy’s course a second time on HTML, plugging away at the Microsoft’s Virtual Academy course on HTML, and I’ll be heading to an HTML meetup on next Monday in Boulder which I’m pretty excited for!

And if I said “man I hope I never have to write ‘HTML’ again after writing this post,” then I’m most certainly taking up the wrong interest.  I have a feeling I’ll be writing it quite a bit.

Until next time,

P.S. I came up with this title on my drive home the other day and was pretty pumped about it!  So, that’s the new blog title.


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