Dragon abducts cat!

Okay!  So I created my first thing with scratch.  It’s horrendous, took me far too long, and makes no sense.  But I’m damn proud of it.  I tried to attach the file right here, but hopefully you can click this link and it’ll take you to the Scratch page.

It could be smoother and I imagine I could have used the drag and drop tools in a better manner.  The cat looks physically challenged when “walking.”  I wasn’t really sure if putting it in a forever loop was a good idea or if my method of “resetting the sprites” was good either.  At the end of the loop I just had the sprites transported to their beginning locations.

I kept a little notepad open with what I thought were the logical steps toward creating what I wanted to have happen.  I knew where I wanted the cat to get taken up and at what time he should be there etc, so I basically wrote out the program on the notepad, then found the Scratch buttons that enabled me to make that happen.  Here were my haphazard notes from notepad.  Seems like scribble now, but it was indeed helpful.

-221,-89, 30 steps, wait .3, next costume
after 3 seconds, cat should be at -79, -89.
With 30 step steps, should start at __, __.
10 set of steps with .3 second wait.
wait 1 second for catch
then glide to final position (78, 28)
go to beginning position.

move, next, wait.

Onto bigger and better things from here!


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