Windows Bootcamp frustration 😡

The emoji says it all….

But just in case it doesn’t, here’s what happened to me and how I fixed it.  So I’ve been running Windows under Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro for something I have to do at work.  Now this is a REALLY cool thing Mac offers right out of the box, so I’ll praise it first briefly before getting into my troubles.  It helps you through the setup process of installing and running several versions of Windows right on your Mac.  You need have some things in place before this will operate smoothly (enough memory on your computer, a Windows license, etc in the link above), but you can run a fully functional version of Windows.  Cool!

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Developer Tools

In the spirit of jotting down things I’ve learned, another important building block is understanding the callstack.  When I was in the bootcamp, we talked about what it was and why it was important, but really didn’t dive too much into the details.  As the programs I’ve built and worked with have gotten increasingly more complex, understanding this fundamental concept has become more important to me every day.  I remember when I was making my first few apps (Bingo and Streamr), I would go on these wild white boarding sessions to try and understand exactly what the hell was going on with my code.  “Where is the code now?” “Wait, did X happen first or did Y happen first?” Etc.

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iPhone Simulator!

So in a bit of a different and more technical direction, I want to share something that I came across in my current job that I thought was really neat.  One of our clients  was experiencing a bug that only happened on his iPhone, specifically an iPhone 6s Plus.  I’ve got a different version iPhone, so when I tried to replicate his error on my own mobile device, I wasn’t seeing it.  Well a big part of my job is being able to replicate our customers bugs so I can engineer a solution for them.  I can’t very well do that without being able to see the error.  Enter the simulator!

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Graduated! Job Searched! HIRED!

So it’s been juuust a bit since my last update… In the words of Bill the Butcher:


Life certainly happens.  I want to continue to document my progress and experiences so far, but I also want to put up all the little tidbits I learn along the way as well.  Before getting into that, here’s an update on where I am.

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End in sight!

So Ruby was TOUGH.  The language itself seemed pretty intuitive in some ways and it definitely reads a lot more like plain English, especially compared to JavaScript.  It was also way more challenging than I expected, a bit discouraging even. 

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Rubies and Rupees!

10.5 weeks down!  14 more days of class.  I can’t believe how quickly things are coming to an end.  In some regards, it still feels like this bootcamp is a totally new thing. Which makes sense, it’s only been a bit over 2 months… But on the other hand, it’s like “how can it be ending soon?! This has been my life for so long now! I won’t see my new friends as much!” 

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Projects, projects, projects!

Wow.  Time is flying.  I just started my 7th week of bootcamp and it’s been a wild ride so far.  The constant vacillation between “I got this! Yeah!!” to the all too common “wtf is going on….” seem to happen daily.  Despite the occasional shocks to the ego, I’m really enjoying everything. 

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3 weeks down! 9 to go!

Zoiks! It’s been way too long since my last post!  This is my first post since I’ve started my programming bootcamp!  In some ways, it feels like I’ve been coding for ages already, and on the other side of the coin, it very much feels like I’m still a complete and total (for lack of a better term) n00b!

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T-minus one week!

So my program starts in one week!  I’m currently experiencing a really fun mixture of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and surprise.  I’m antsy as hell to get things truly underway and see what I can do with guided instruction and a direction.

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Intro to JavaScript and first video.

Hello again! So it’s been two weeks instead of one, but we’ll just move past that. Since my last update, I’ve recorded/edited/uploaded my first video (click here to check it out!) and have spent a lot of time learning the basics of JavaScript. I haven’t spent as much time doing the official GA pre-work, but rather the majority of my time has been spent working in Codecademy on their JS course.

Making the video was a great learning experience. I had never done anything like it and it was rewarding to have a finished product that I was willing to show to friends and family (and maybe some strangers?) I’m actually really looking forward to creating a new video with some of the advice I’ve been given! It definitely seems like one of those things that will get exponentially easier as I get further along with it. So look for that later this week!

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